Holistic Podiatry

Under the direction of Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld, The Chronic Foot Pain Center is the premier center for integrative medical management of the foot and ankle. Our goal is to help you ease into wellness, gently. While addressing the mechanisms behind your foot or ankle problem, we can assist your body in becoming more balanced and healthy. Our protocols maximize your body’s natural healing ability by supporting the physiologic pathways needed for healing. Our natural medicines enable your body to successfully heal itself, thereby eliminating the negative side effects and the increased “toxic load” of drug therapy. Here at The Chronic Foot Pain Center, we utilize cutting-edge technology for diagnosis (such as musculo-skeletal echography), thereby not only improving our diagnostic accuracy, but also protecting the patient from unnecessary radiation exposure.

Why choose Holistic Podiatry?

In the past 100 years, there has been incredible progress in the world of technology. This has translated into remarkable diagnostic and treatment capabilities in the field of medicine and surgery. However, technology has given us a one-sided approach to medical care. Although we are better at diagnosing and treating conditions, we have not matured in the world of causality. In other words, modern medicine has basically ignored the mechanisms behind the majority of pathology that we treat.

So, essentially, we have become very good at managing and treating conditions, but without understanding the mechanisms (i.e. understanding why the patient’s immune system could not manage the problem), we have not developed a paradigm of medicine that both prevents problems and improves the health of our patients. Dr. Kornfeld’s approach to podiatry includes traditional medicine and surgery, as well as holistic medicine. This is known as integrative podiatric medicine. By looking at the reasons why conditions develop, Dr. Kornfeld is able to simultaneously heal his patients and improve their overall health. Dr. Kornfeld utilizes a combination of functional medicine diagnosis and natural medicines to accomplish this goal. Our treatment services section will explain many of these techniques and tests.

Dr. Kornfeld is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine by the American Association of Integrative Medicine and is a Diplomate of the College of Physicians as well. These attest to his devotion and expertise in this field of medicine.

Diplomate of the College of Physicians – American Association of Integrative Medicine